UX Designer & Manager

I work with teams to turn technological possibilities into engaging and functional user experiences. Click on my projects below to see how I put this process into action, and let me know if you need a designer to help your team create products that empower users and change the world.

Sync - Project Overview
Sync was born from a hackathon. When I joined, the team had spent several revisions implementing changes based on usage statistics. I helped the design team adopt a more user-centered approach and create a product that could appeal to a broader audience.
Sync - Design Management
As a design manager, I was responsible for helping a 5-person team across mobile, web, and desktop products create great designs. I went further by building a close collaboration with engineers to get those designs implemented. I also managed collaborations with marketing, design, and product management teams across 2 continents.
Sync - Design Strategy
After I was promoted to Design Lead for Sync, I engaged the team in a more thorough design process. My primary objective was to start a discussion about who our users were and what they needed from Sync. It resulted in a product that better guides users to understand what the product is and how it can be used.
The DX 650 Android-based video deskphone brings a telepresence experience to the desktop. I helped define how enterprise telephone functionality works in this new paradigm, and drove implementation across a global team. See more details in my Cisco Portfolio.
Seeing what people do and talking to them in the context of use routinely yields unique insights about their needs and values that can have far-reaching impacts on a product vision. Open-ended investigation or ethnography leads to the most valuable insights when approaching new opportunity spaces.

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When creating a new piece of technology, it's frighteningly easy to build in assumptions that some users don't share. The only way to find all of these is to show the product to users - ideally before it's too late to change the implementation plan.

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