UX Designer & Manager

I work with teams to turn technological possibilities into engaging and functional user experiences. Explore my projects below to see how I put this process into action. I'm passionate about taming complexity to empower users — be in touch if this sounds like a fit for your team.

As a Design Leader at KeepTruckin, I helped a fast-growing startup mature its design and research process while growing an appetite for strategy and shipping product.

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GE Digital
As a Design Strategist and Researcher for GE Digital, I helped realize a digital future for industry by creating UX strategy roadmaps steeped in insights from users. I built a framework for design research and drove adoption of findings across a large, decentralized design organization.

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Sync - Design Management
Promoted to Design Lead for the Resilio Sync product line, I inspired the team to strengthen our design process. Our work improved customer experience, particularly during onboarding, by deepening our understanding of who our users were and what they needed from Sync.
I helped define UI in a new paradigm, designing an enterprise phone that feels like being in the same room with colleagues from around the world. I led scrums, driving implementation across a global team. In 2013, this Android desk phone was one of the most reliable tools for enterprise video collaboration.

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Seeing what people do and talking to them in the context of use routinely yields unique insights about their needs and values that can have far-reaching impacts on a product vision. Open-ended investigation or ethnography leads to the most valuable insights when approaching new opportunity spaces.

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When creating a new piece of technology, it's frighteningly easy to build in assumptions that some users don't share. The only way to find all of these is to show the product to users - ideally before it's too late to change the implementation plan.

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