At many jobs, my first priority is to clarify with product management who, exactly, the user is. Personas are a great tool to bring up that conversation, and represent the results.
Even based on secondary research, we came across a design principle: The KeepTruckin product is about improving the relationship between drivers and safety managers.
Another effort I started early in my time at KT has been developing a robust user testing practice. Watching how users react to the core platform tasks the first time they see them is a great way to judge the intuitiveness of the interface.
Plotting the results of the usability test on a grid is a great way to summarize a report by quickly visualizing problem areas, such as adding drivers and vehicles here. We solved the frustration by adding a more prominent button.
We also watched how drivers used the mobile app, the heart of the KT ecosystem. This product is relatively mature, and used by over 100,000 drivers throughout the United States. So we didn't want to make any sudden, drastic changes. We solved on of the primary painpoints with the simple addition of this carat to better indicate the log chart is clickable. This decreased time to get started significantly.
Going onsite with users led to much more profound insights about who uses the product, why, and what they are frustrated with. This dispatcher user is having trouble tracking his drivers, one of the key features he expects the platform to accomplish. We are still working on the solution - updates to follow.