Design Research

In order to do great design, it's necessary to connect with core human values. And in order to outfox the competition, it helps to solve unobvious, tacit user needs. One of design thinking's biggest value propositions lies in discovering what lies behind customer requests and understanding what users don't know they want to ask for. Luckily, these two types of insights both come up when we talk to users in their context of use.

Documenting implants in the operating room
Our client wanted to improve the way that expensive implants are documented in the operating room. They understood the business side - the interactions between suppliers, vendors, hospitals and payors. But they came to TOCA to ensure that the solution they built would be based on an understanding of the human aspects of the situation.
Moving beyond paper in an SMB
Helping a passport expediting firm understand its internal processes and improve its tools started with a follow-along with a passport courier.
Engaged Research
In 2010, most intensive weight loss interventions required users to self-monitor their eating and exercise on paper. To find out the best way to help users with the always-connected features of new smartphones, we started by talking with users in the contexts of use.