Along with my interests in crafts and philosophy, I work as an interaction designer. If you're interested in my professional work, see some of my projects below and read about my design process under the interaction page. You can also check out my work as a glassblower, photographer, programmer, etc, linked at the bottom of the site, and see what I've been up to lately on my blog.

Teaching design process to undergraduates in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, gave me the opportunity to refine the theories I had learned as a master's student and to practice finding synergy between competing interests of students, project sponsors, and college administrators.
Engaged Health App

This NWU Study tracks dieters' daily calorie budgets to implement the Diabetes Prevention Program with less doctor time. The app also provides exercise monitoring, social networking, and immediate visual feedback about the cost of particular foods to helps align users' daily decisions with long-term goals.


Scoop gives high schoolers a new medium to express themselves through the urban environment, at the same time promoting the exchange of information and the growth of communities of expertise.

Passport & Visa Expediting

When I got a summer internship in the IT department for a web-based business, I felt like information was being hidden from me. That is, until I realized that no one had a clear idea of what role technology should play in the organization.


LOC helps local shops by connecting customers to Communities of Style. These shopping communities form when users record and categorize their purchases and desires through LOC's mobile app, website, and public displays. Like Amazon's collaborative filtering, LOC aggregates user data to make recommendations - and by including explicit user input about what goes together, LOC can also suggest styles and aesthetics.