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Hugh uses flat jacks to give a marble its characteristic twist


Hugh Erwin

Erwin has been a glass artist for over 30 years, creating stained glass windows before moving on to sculptural beveled glass and ultimately to hot glass.

Under the auspices of Kaleidoscope Glassworks Erwin made stained and beveled glass during the 70s and 80s for some of Dallasís premier addresses.

Chanel retailers, the Presidential Palace in Mexico City, and many other distinguished clients still display faceted glass entryways and elements designed and manufactured in Erwinís shop.

The company eventually expanded to produce etched, sandblasted, and beveled pieces for corporate and residential commissions. However, after building a small, makeshift furnace in the back of the stained glass shop in the early 80s, Erwin decided to give it all up to pursue hot glass exclusively around 1990.

In 1992, together with local glass artists Jim Bowman, Chris Mancil, and Ron Marrs, Erwin built the Hickory Street Hot Glass studio, which provided Dallas with world-class art glass and blowing demonstrations for almost a decade.

In addition to dabbling in woodworking, knife forging, and acting, he currently blows glass with his son at his studio in Old Potter, Arkansas, where he moved in 2002.


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