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Thesis Product

Since I needed to expand my portfolio anyway, I went ahead and used this idea for a Senior Honors thesis project for my Art degree at the University of Texas at Dallas. I displayed the project in a UTD gallery for two weeks. This is the invitation to the show.

Planning - August to November

Production - November to January

Product - January and February


Arranged for Show

The gallery set up like a living room, with photos of other configurations on the wall.


Sculptural configurations are the most interesting and fun to build. This structure was sturdy enough to climb on - I only wished I had 500 more panels to experiment further.

Big Box

When the show would only be up for two more days, I got creative and tried to see what else I could do.


Aluminum tubing supports the back.

Detail of couch connnection

Nested, bent aluminum tubes (locked with a shaft collar) allow the back to adjust continuously from perpendicular to 60 degrees.


An attractive feature: the panels themselves make a carrying case. All 62 panels can be moved with a standard dolly.


An aspect of the system I had neither time nor money to explore fully is using other materials. Ideally the panels would be made from a light, strong plastic - however I was able to build prototypes of a glass panel and a tile one, seen here as part of a coffee table.