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Our society has been plagued by waste, greed, and corruption for millenia. Yet even the most eloquent and authentic pleas for reform are as whispers compared to a business plan. These projects explore how businesses - the most powerful organizationals in the modern world - can address the needs of underserved communities.
Bottom of the Pyramid: Creating Communities
With the guidance of Patrick Whitney and Kevin Denney, a team of graduate students talked with experts in business, non-profit, and academia to understand the state of the art in creating products and services for the world's poorest citizens. We formulated methods to create value in markets with little infrastructure, capital, or business training by investmenting in relationships and communities.

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Juncture Opportunity Engine
While the economic growth of the 20th century has raised the standards of living of many people, much of the world still lives in poverty. As part of the 19-20-21 initiative my teammates Amanda Geppert, Apeksha Garga, Cornelia Bailey, and I developed a framework for bringing greater opportunities within reach of the 'poor core' of modern cities. Show More >
The heart of the solution lies in gathering information from currently disparate international and local aid efforts and making them available and actionable for local government and business.
The solution is designed as a platform which will entice more groups to contribute new data in order to gain access to the data they need. As more users fill in the gaps in existing measurements of credit, business competencies, resource availability, and other economic factors, the tool will give slum dwellers the information necessary to see their work backed up with support from large institutions.

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