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I grew up thinking that the wonders of science and technology would soon lead to clean, peaceful, and stable conditions for everyone. Thankfully, reality is far more interesting than that. These projects embrace the inherent complexity of wicked problems and seek to create transparent, emergent, and adaptive solutions in multiply interconnected, ambiguous, and evolving contexts.
Opus: Orchestrating Talent
Along with a team of designers, Brian Winter, HyeKyung Yoo, and Nallieli Santamaria, I identified a long-term growth strategy for CareerBuilder and planned its implementation. By understanding its users, competitors, and core competencies in the context of a changing cultural and technological landscape, we developed a clear understanding of where the employment services industry is headed and how this company could play a major role in it. Download an illustrated overview.
Chicago: Vision for the Future
A century ago Daniel Burnham and Edward H. Bennett's plan for Chicago transformed the teeming, industrial metropolis into a living space as beautiful as it is commercially productive. In a similar vein, this project presents a comprehensive vision of an infrastructure that is as pleasant as it is productive.

Download an illustrated overview.

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Chicago's infrastructure is a complex system involving every level of government, dozens of companies, and millions of users. My teammates Cecilia Ambros, Ruth Nechas, Amanda Wirth, and I became familiar with best practices in water, waste, energy, and information management, and envisioned the transformative effects of new technologies.

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