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This is a series of photos commissioned by the model, Cortney Berry, in December 2006. We decided that the exploration of the pomegranate went very well, and we're planning to experiment with other fruits and food substances when time permits. They are a combination of digital and 35MM, and all the indoor shots use simple reading lamps for illumination.

This is a series focusing on reflections and refractions. With the first one I won a top prize at my univerity's Spring Student Show in 2002.

The model is Katie Roberts-Hoffman, once ranked among the nation's top 5 female chess players in her age group. Not unexpected at UTD, the top chess school in this hemisphere.

These others are more happenstance - just a few seconds of planning to draw art out of every day life. On the left are scenes from my trip to Spain in 2004, on the right are women who were pretending to like me so I'd buy them the featured props.