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I have long dabbled in various 3-d media, from constructivist experiments with obsolete computer parts when I was 10 to clay pots and sculptures in high school to inventions and decorations in the present.

Pin Ball

This is more of a toy than a sculpture, really. It's a tennis ball with about 2000 pins in it. It bounces, and was exhibited at the Arkansas Art Center's Toys by Artists Exhibit in November and December, 2005.

Gumball Chandelier

Playing with the idea of multiples. I also tried suspending tennis balls and 8oz. water bottles, but found out that the colors really make this work.


House of Leaves

This project was for a "Playscapes" class. The assignment was to model an environment where people could have a fun or interesting experience. The project was inspired, in part, by the book "House of Leaves" by Mark Z Danielewski.

House of Leaves

This model represents a block of enormous rooms that would take a visitor about a month to walk through. On the way, with no TV, work, other people, or any worldly worries at all, the visitor's mind and soul begin to free themselves of the complexities of the modern life and follow their own nature.

House of Leaves

The walls are covered with texts like Kant's Critique of Pure Reason or the Tao Te Ching in order to facilitate the visitor's birth into the world of uncluttered consciousness. See the video that goes along with this.


All that glitters is not gold - take a closer look for pointy, harpoon-shaped projections next time you test a coin with your teeth. Painted clay on wire armature - project for figure sculpture class.

Spiral Movement

I completed this piece in 2001 at the Dallas Arts Magnet (BTWHSPVA). It won a $500 first place award and was purchased shortly thereafter.


Play-Doh is an underrated medium for creating models and "happenings". Time is an essential element as the piece must be completed and experienced before it dries out. Or falls over.