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Adaptive Furniture

Today's young people are like vagrants - travelling all over the world, moving from city to city, and never holding down a lease for more than a few months. Popular culture assumes they keep ugly, particle board furniture because they are poor and it is cheap - but in fact the main attraction is that it's disposable. No need to rent a truck, a storage bin, or to buy beer for friends to help move: just throw it off the balcony.

To provide a better option for mobile individuals, I invented this modular furniture system. The links are arranged chronologically: first I went through a design process, then I manufactured a prototype, and I showed it in a gallery at my college before I figured out some radically better ways to approach the problem.

The project also served as an Undergraduate Thesis Project for my latin honors at UTD - read the thesis paper here.

Planning - August to November

Production - November to January

Product - January and February